The UK has always held a firm ‘at arms length’ stance on the arts and heritage sector. Our diversity is our greatest strength.  

It is the job of cultural charities to reflect on our past and enrich this heritage through recontextualising in the present day. The presentation of narratives counter to those that we may be more familiar with is not about, ‘doing Britain down’. Instead, this provides us with an enriched learning environment and builds a more accurate picture of what it means to be British today.

Freedom of expression is critical to the arts, it enables us to celebrate our diversity: 

✔  Keep culture at arm’s length 

✔  Protect the Human Rights Act

✔  Protect freedom of expressions

#67MillionVoices make culture. Use yours today:

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  3. Get Informedread the online timeline of events so far

About #67MillionVoices: This campaign has been created by members of the Bristol DIY Arts ‘Keep it Arms Length’ working group which is made up of volunteers working for key arts providers in Bristol.