༻ The Veil is a multi-sensory journey of immersive acts and storytelling, marking the gateway to the darker half of the year. A selection of seasonal happenings will be celebrated, including a traditional feast, live ritual performance, a fire ceremony and a climactic dance catharsis, punctuated by the sonic backdrop of some of Bristol and London’s experimental folk and sound artists.

❈ This time of year marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, also know as Samhain, when the veil between the world of the spiritual and living merge, as days of light give space to darkness. According to folklore and pagan traditions, this is is said to be the time when the spirits (or the Aos Sí) could easily cross into the world of the living. Starting with an immersive dining feast, the evening will be inspired and led by the spirits living between two worlds, helping us to become familiar with darkness, eradicate fear and face our shadow aspects, inviting us to walk through the Veil, into the Underworld.

༻ This is a masquerade event therefore we invite you to embrace transformation through fantasy costume, discovering your innermost secret self, inner spirit, demon, nymph, fictional character or whatever you like to be. Not sure what to do? Do not worry, a transformation station with face-paint will be present on site!

Brought to you by The Undergrowth Collective

03/11/23, 7 pm – midnight. Cost £12-£18-£30

Booking via Headfirst,

Poster design featuring a drawing of pagan fiqures reaching for a large eye