Ollie Silvester

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Ollie is an illustrator and maker who spends most of his time drawing birds, plants, boys in dresses and the strange fluctuations within his imagination.

His main reference is memory, using the gaps in what he remembers to shape his often slightly wonky drawings and skewed depictions of a memorised reality. He takes inspiration from the mundane and the moments between moments and is always trying to document the nonsensical humour that is found in the everyday, the colour within the seemingly drab, the noise within the quiet and the quiet within the noise.

Originally from Hampshire, deep in the countryside, Ollie’s surroundings have influenced the way he creates and how he approaches the page. His work is filled with natural and organic matter and very few strait lines. In fact there is very little that is strait about the work he creates. As well as still drawings he sometimes makes his drawings move using an equally wobbly approach.

Ollie works mostly within editorial but has experience in a variety of areas from branding, advertising and self publishing.