Lizzie Stone

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Bristol based painter Lizzie Stone creates beautiful marriages of texture and colour, governed by the character of material and paint.

Through love of experimentation, her process is continually evolving, making each piece unique. Lizzie’s interest in the potential of materials and the effect of colour, lends itself to abstract work that is mindful and aesthetically interesting. The work is refreshingly strong in colour with a palette that is bold and vibrant.

Through a process led exploration, Lizzie’s work is created from the different behaviours of paint. Some have been purposefully manipulated while others have been created by the chance reaction of the materials. The artist retains an element of control using techniques of printing and dripping. The result is beautifully incidental – a juxtaposition of the gestural and pure accidental.

Each mark and impression represents a brief stop in time – a moment which was once created in the present has now become a moment of the past.