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Location info –
The Vestibules, City Council, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR
Entrance is on Park Street end of City Council building
Fully Wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately there is no toilet access for visitors through the Vestibules but hirers will be able to access the disabled toilets.

Vestibules (Park St.)

Opening times
Monday to Friday: Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm
Weekends: Closed
Call: Please email all enquiries
A small number of tables and chairs, a boards, and monitoring devices are available.
If you require additional equipment, please speak to our co-ordinator, who can advise on external resources.
Max capacity: 30 people
Length: 5m
Width: 10m
Private Hire
Booking enquiry:
Commercial rates
Per day (Park Street only)£100
Per day (Park Street & Deanery Road)£150
Per week (Park Street only)£300
Per week (Park Street & Deanery Road)£400

Weekend opening may be possible but please note security is charged at £35 per hour. The prices above are for room hire only and do not include invigilators.

Arts Hire Rates
Per day (Park Street only)£60
Per day (Park Street & Deanery Road)£200
Per week (Park Street only)£100
Per week (Park Street & Deanery Road)£250

For Community Groups, Charities, Students and Bristol City Council socially engaged projects. The prices above are for room hire only and do not include invigilators.

The vestibules are two former entrances located at either end of the city hall which Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, opened up to showcase Bristol talent and give cultural and community groups unique environments to display their work.

The vestibules has hosted numerous exhibitions, performances, cinemas and pop up art markets and is a fantastic space in the heart of the city for groups to share their projects and ideas. Artspace Lifespace is working with Bristol City Council’s Arts Development Team to help them explore this alternative way of supporting Bristol’s arts and culture sector by opening up these distinctive spaces as exhibition space.

Booking / Hire Enquiries

The co-ordinator at The Vestibules can offer advice and guidance on using these spaces for creative activity and is available via email Tuesday to Thursday at

We strongly advise a site visit before booking these spaces, both of which are listed, and require some additional planning to best be used as presentation spaces.


We offer Residencies for both Park St and Deanery Rd Vestibule. The residency application is available on request at This is a rolling opportunity and is open to charities, community groups, educational groups, artists and students. The residency periods normally run from Jan – March and July – October.

Opening up the Vestibules to local groups will provide much needed art space for local talent. By supporting the local arts scene in this way we can ensure that artists and other creatives continue to play a big role in developing Bristol’s growing culture economy.

Councillor Estella Tincknell

Covid notice

Our normal capacity is restricted with distancing measures in place.

We ask that you wear a mask, if you are able to, in the communal areas of the building.

Get in touch with for our full COVID safety measures.