Sparks Bristol Studios

Sparks Bristol offers a range of private studios/office spaces and coworking creative desk space for artists to hire at affordable rates on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of Sparks Bristol.


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private studios

Sparks 2F Co-Creation Space 

Sparks Second Floor Co-Creation Space, aka ‘Imagineering’ is a brand new coworking space for creatives and artists at affordable prices who want to meet and network with other South West creatives, socially engaged start-ups retailers and businesses based in the iconic former M&S store in Broadmead, Bristol. 

Creative individuals / COLLECTIVES

Creative Individuals or Collectives: £70 pcm per desk (individual artists) to £120 per desk (window desk)

Creative business

Creative Business: From £120 pcm per desk (community collectives and organisations in receipt of funding or start-up commercial creatives) to £220 pcm per desk. If you are not a non-profit, new cic or start-up then please speak to us about pricing as you may be eligible for the creative individuals rate.  

What is included?

  • Your own dedicated desk
  • Lockers to securely store your belongings
  • Breakout space
  • Free access to our second floor creation space for showing work in progress or working on larger projects 
  • 50% discount on ad-hoc hire of our Hirable Space on the 1st Floor – Dept of Imagination
  • Business rate, electricity, water, recycling disposal and management costs.
  • Access to Broadband (please note that if uninterrupted streaming and broadband is essential to your practice then you should obtain your own mobile broadband service).  
  • Imagineering hours are between 8.45am – 10pm
Desk Pods under construction! How will you imagine this space?

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Private Studios

Sparks Second and Third Floor Creative Studios & Offices provide individual offices and studios for creatives, artists and organisations at affordable prices based in the iconic former M&S store in Broadmead, Bristol.  Our third floor studios only have lift access for special events via the Whippington Court Goods lift and are unfortunately not suitable for day-to-day wheelchair access. 

We are now taking enquiries for space from March 2023. 

2F Backstage – Purple Studio

Let Status: Pending

2F Backstage – White Studio

Large white light-filled studio or office ideal for a collective of artists or creative community seeking a more private office space on our second floor. 
170sqm (1831 sqft) 

Let Status: Pending

3F – Studio 1

Let Status: No longer available

3F – Studio 2

Let Status: No longer available

3F – Studio 4

Let Status: No longer available

3F – Studio 5

3F – Studio 6

Let Status: No longer available

Let Status: Pending

3F – Studio 11

Let Status: Available