The Island 2020 Residency Offering

The Island is the longest running project of Artspace Lifespace. We offer artist residency opportunities to develop specific or open-ended projects and to test works in progress. 

For 2020 we have 9 residency opportunities across 3 rooms in The Island.

  • 3 residencies in the Dance Space
  • 3 residencies in the Gallery Space
  • 3 residencies in the Circus Training Space

Residencies will be scheduled throughout the year and are subject to room availability. This opportunity is open to artists working across art forms from Bristol and beyond. 

What we offer:

  • Access to up to 20 hours of space in kind support (free)
  • A letter of support for funding applications or for your work in general
  • Your work can be featured on our website
  • Ongoing artists support from our Management Team

What we require:

  • Our Artspace Lifespace logo and website on any publicity, promotion material, PR, images or video work at the end of the project.
  • A letter of support for Artspace Lifespace and your experience of working with us
  • Audience and Participation Data collection

Plus one or more of the below:

  • A final piece showing (scratch event)
  • A talk or Q&A open to other artists
  • Mentoring a young artist (time)

Download the  Residency Application Pack.