An architectural journey around Ashton Court Mansion

This outdoor tour of Ashton Court gives you some background into the history of the architecture on the West and South Front. It was compiled by The Friends of Ashton Court Mansion (the FAM) and Artspace Lifespace in Lockdown. Start the tour outside the West Lawn entrance (yellow side of the house) and then proceed to the South Lawn. The tour takes approximately 15 minutes.

The FAM was founded in 2019 and are a group of volunteers working with Artspace Lifespace to provide additional support at the mansion, helping with guided talks, art exhibitions and volunteer cleans to support the upkeep and temporary use while the long term future is decided. You can find out more about the FAM by emailing or following on Facebook.

You can also find out more about the family and history of Ashton Court from our Heritage Lottery funded podcast.