We Are From Dust at Ashton Court

From December 2020 – December 2021 we invite you to explore Ashton Court Estate’s grounds as an art park, exhibiting sculptures from both the UK and USA to explore ideas of play, protest, transition and transformation. 


A collaboration between We Are From Dust and Artspace Lifespace has brought new art to the grounds around the Arts Mansion. With support from Bristol City Council Parks team, private donations to We are From Dust and projects grant funding from Arts Council England, installations by artists Paige Tashner, Hugo Farmer, Andrea Greenlees, Cjay Roughgarden, Edson Burton & Andrew Batchelor form an interactive trail of immersive artworks at Ashton Court Estate.

We Are From Dust are a London-based arts organisation dedicated to bringing the transformative power of interactive art to public spaces. In collaboration with Bristol-based arts organisation Artspace Lifespace, they have brought together artists whose work can usually be seen in the Nevada desert during the Burning Man festival, with artists from Bristol and London dealing with contemporary issues of voice, self-reflection and protest. 

The park is free to attend as usual. In May 2021, TRASPARENZA which represents moving forward into the light and a renaissance was installed. June 2021 saw our final installation, an audio installation developed by Andrew Batchelor with words provided by Dr Edson Burton.

On one element we agree: we are Adama: we are from dust

Dr Edson Burton

When to vist? During Ashton Court Estate Opening Times

Where: Bristol Boo – Courtyard; Freedom of Speech – The Sargant, Ohm Boy & The Priest – South Lawn beside the Main Door; Zlatico – opposite the South Stairtower. TRASPARENZA – Walled Garden beside the Rose Garden; We are from Dust – Formal Garden (Redwoods/ Pond).

Luma by Air Giants