Lyrical Contemporary

Lyrical contemporary fuses together contemporary, modern, ballet and jazz. And it’s perfect for anyone who just loves to throw themselves around the dance floor! In every class we’ll work on a range of routines. Some will be soft and graceful. Others will be fiery and fast. All of them will be fueled with that Friday-feeling energy.

What to expect from the course: This is an open level class, which means it’s filled with people from a big range of dance backgrounds. Some will be beginners, some will have danced their whole lives! And everyone gets equally stuck in! Your teacher will give you options to dial the difficulty level up or down, depending on what works for you. And we massively encourage asking lots of questions, so everyone in the room learns with (and from) each other!

What to bring with you: Please arrive 5 minutes before class is due to start. Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in! For most people that’s leggings and top, plus socks/bare feet.

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm / Cost for the class: £8.00

Level: Open Level

Name of the teacher: Angie Edwards

Website to the teacher:

Email address:

To book, head to AE Dance + Fitness and fill in the Booking Form.