Kill the Bill: Mapping Bristol through the lens of the protesting crowd

This project explores how images and videos of the protesting crowd help to produce new forms of urban representation. Here, we unpack the imagery circulated online during the Kill the Bill movement in Bristol, UK, which took place between March and April 2021. These unconventional cartographies help decode the spatial, social, and cultural complexity of the city and reveal a new form of constructed ‘ground,’ one that emerges through the people’s concerns on their right to protest freely and without restrictions. Moving and still image work together to inform maps, which in turn become architectural objects, organised towards an installation nearby where the events took place.

This event is free.

Opening night: Thursday 30 November, 7pm-9pm

Friday 1st and Sunday 2nd, 12pm-7pm , Sunday 3 December, 12pm-3pm

This exhibition was made possible with the generous help of the CAVA: Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts at the University of Liverpool; the University of Liverpool; and the University of Portsmouth. Maria Mitsoula has provided research assistance to this project; Sophia Banou, Gloria Lanci, and Davide Landi have provided help with the exhibition.

Poster for the Kill The Bill exhibition featuring a map of central Bristol