Free To Be… Dance Classes with Bethany Kyle

Embrace your beautiful empowered body through the celebration of movement.

Free To Be… (formally known as ‘Bey Dance Fitness’) is an all inclusive space where you can feel empowered through commercial dance. The name is created for you to finish the phrase with a word that you want to embody when you’re dancing. This class is all about giving you a sense of freedom with no judgement and all of the sass, no matter your level of dance.

This class is all about having fun and being free to let go in a positive and encouraging environment! The aim is to grow together in both confidence and ability.
The level of this class is “next stage beginner” to inspire you to try new things on your dance journey.  

To book drop Bethany a message on Instagram – @bethanykyle_ or email or drop in and pay cash. 

There are no Covid-19 restrictions in place in present. Please stay at home if you are ill or if you are unable to stay home, wear a mask to protect others around you from illness.