Exhibition: Welcome To My World, Big Jeff Johns

Wednesday 17th November – 21st November 2021
Wednesday 17th – Saturday 20th, 12pm – 9pm, Sunday 21st November 12pm – 4pm
Exception: Wednesday 17th, exhibition will be closed 4.30-5.30pm.
The Island, Nelson Street, Bristol BS1 2BE, United Kingdom.

Raggs by Big Jeff Johns

“Art for me has been about expressing emotions I can’t explain another way. These paintings highlight my issues with barriers and hidden anxiety and mental health. How people see me is one thing – but internally I sometimes feel completely different. I use art as a way of expressing things that aren’t always easy to discuss.” Big Jeff

The aim of this work is to surprise and challenge the viewer. It is intended to instigate conversations.

This is an inspiring exhibition of all 34 paintings in the “Welcome To My World’ collection.

The exhibition will be accompanied by DJ sets throughout the week:

Thursday 18th, 6pm DJ set by Wych Elm followed by Jeff
Friday 19th, 6pm DJ set by Grandma’s House followed by Jeff
Saturday 20th, 5.30pm DJ set by Fenne Lily + Keir, followed by Jeff
Sunday 21st, 2pm DJ set by Pet Shimmers