Dynamic Yoga – 12th Feb, 11 – 1pm.

Sunday 12th February sees our gallery host a yoga workshop and book talk by Hayley Yates and Nadia Gilani.
The morning will kick off with a 75-minute energising dynamic practice ending with a meditative finishing sequence designed to rest the body and quieten the mind. After class, we’ll grab a cuppa & you’ll have the opportunity to hear Soul Mates founder Hayley Yates in conversation with Nadia about her book The Yoga Manifesto.
Island Gallery, Sunday 12th Feb, 11 – 1pm. Cost is £15.
Full information and tickets;

Poster design for yoga workshop and book talk featuring images of women sitting in armchairs

Nadia Gilani is a yoga teacher and author of The Yoga Manifesto. She first discovered yoga after her mum took her to a class in the 1990s (and she really didn’t want to go!) She has been practising ever since. Nadia has extensive experience working with people with different bodies and from all walks of life and is deeply committed to making yoga inclusive. Her approach to teaching is contemporary and explorative while maintaining a deep respect for the ancient practice. Find out more about Nadia here: nadiagilani.co.uk