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Jake Gaule (he/him) is an award-winning Sound Designer & Composer who hates writing in the third person.

I started out playing the trombone at the age of 8, before discovering punk rock and picking up guitar and bass around 13. A few years later my college lecturer played me Aphex Twin, opening my tiny mind up to the possibility of making music on computers (thanks Simon)! I studied my undergraduate degree in Popular Music at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music and graduated with distinction from my MA in Sound Design at Bath Spa University in 2019.

I previously worked at Doghouse Post-Production, working on foley recording and editing, VO editing and all kinds of other general audio things for TV for clients including the BBC, Oak Island Films, Hello Halo, Hungry Gap Productions and many others. I left Doghouse in January 2020 to go freelance after realising that my real passion lay in making sounds & music for video games. I’m driven by the notion that sound is an integral part of storytelling across all forms of media and I love the power we have in audio to build worlds and immerse the viewer or player in them! I’m particularly passionate about narrative games, games with a serious message, old school JRPG’s and games that feel great to play.

I also work as a sound editor, designer and composer for short film and podcasts and recently finished some work on my first feature film project with French director Isild Le Besco. My composition leans heavily towards ambient and electronic sounds, often working with Piano and Synthesisers in the foreground, as well as prepared and processed guitars, tape loops and other fretted string instruments. I’m inspired by composers and artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Disasterpeace, Tim Hecker, GAS, William Basinski, Terry Riley, Grouper, Joe Hisaishi, Wendy Carlos and many others.

I’m based in Bristol in the UK and always happy to work remotely. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to work with me, to hear more about my work or to argue about which 90’s indie band or JRPG is the best (it’s Modest Mouse and Grandia).