Peter Webb

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Based in Bristol and working from his studio at The Island, Peter works predominately with traditional and alternative photographic techniques.

Graduating with a BA in Photography from The Arts University Bournemouth, he has since exhibited his work, given talks and run workshops in the UK and China.

His main body of work investigates the relationship between fabricated worlds, landscape and space exploration. Producing on-going series such as Asteroid, Horizon and Unclassified Moon, he prints using the chemigram process to create unique, hand printed images of fictional places.

Chemigrams are produced using traditional darkroom chemistry in a painterly way. By applying resists onto silver gelatine paper, layers and textures are built up. The main structure of an image and the textures are deliberate but there is an element of chance to the outcome of each image. The resists used, the interaction of the chemistry and the physical handling of the print all have their affect on the final outcome of each print.