Natasha Dikaya

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I was born in Ukraine and have been working as a professional artist for the last 10 years, ever since I graduated from UWE, Bristol UK. Painting has always been my passion, but I have also experimented with video installation, winning the Michael Barnard Award for one of my pieces.

All my life I’ve lived in big cities in western and eastern Europe. Our urban existence, run now by multilayered networks in millions of real and virtual colour-coded lines and threads, configures all our human interaction, energising us, exciting us, framing the way we behave and look at the world.

I first exhibited my 1st series of paintings in May 2011. Since then I have exhibited widely in Bristol, London and Europe including the prestigious Royal West of England Autumn Show.

My first series of paintings was influenced by Russian constructivism of the early 20th century, also Piet Mondrian, Peter Halley and Sarah Morris as well as some graffiti artists such as Graphic Surgery and Matt W Moore. I am inspired by the tension in these artists work and their experimental nature.