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From making items to order in a spare room, to working with specialist factories, we’ve come a long way! We approach each aspect of our business through the lens of our vision & values: Does this item help you feel like a badass babe? Can we support your sense of Authenticity? Do we help you feel Brave?

We look at our supply chain and processes to consider how we can Proactively improve the sustainability of production in an accountable way. Keeping ourselves Engaged with how you express yourself and how we create your clothing. Are you ready to express yourself without buyer’s remorse or shopping guilt?

Our aim is to bring you unique style, woven with care and sass and a positive attitude. We’re all about empowering women to feel great about themselves on the inside and out. This approach is mirrored in the factories we work with which support women in the workplace, helping provide education & offering work around school care.