Lockdown: The Sequel

We’re sad to announce that until December 2nd, at the earliest, we once again have to close for public events and gatherings, due to the new lockdown restrictions. Our artist studios will remain open for studio holders who cannot work from home. Our other hireable spaces will be open only for live streaming and rehearsals. All in-person classes and exhibitions are being postponed or rescheduled. 

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to invite you into our gallery to see the wonderful work being produced by our tenants at The Island. However, you can catch our digital Open Studios from November 19th, with excellent online classes and workshops, a peek into our studios, and an online showcase of our tenant’s work. 

Zeg’s Art Exhibition sadly also closed early this week, but there are still some amazing antique art bargains to be had. Join the online exhibition and grab a loved one a Christmas present, perhaps?

Also at the Arts Mansion, we’ve been working with We Are From Dust to transform the gardens of Ashton Court into a spectacular sculpture park.  Whilst we still plan to go ahead with a launch event on December 6th, with the ever-changing tides of lockdown and COVID-19 we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to. Nevertheless, the sculptures will be installed and ready for you to enjoy in the beautiful outdoors of Ashton Court from December. 

At The Vestibules, whilst we are unable to open physically, we will still be working hard on our longer term projects: How Can I Help, a forthcoming interview with Nu Nu Theatre and supporting the Invisible Army to raise funds for their National Carers Week exhibition in June 2021. 

It’s been a hard few months for everyone. The Mental Health Foundation has published a useful guide on where to start if this is all too much. We’d also recommend checking out a bit of Hygge in these winter months. 

Although there’ll be no physical exhibitions for a while, there’s no reason to stop creating and stop displaying. In the run-up to Christmas, why not turn your street-facing windows into your own art gallery for your neighbours to enjoy? You might just make a passerby’s day. 

Stay well, get hygge 

The Island, The Vestibules, The Arts Mansion team of Artspace Lifespace