Date : 2016 – 2020

SPACE (Sound-Performance-Art-Community-Engagement) launched at Arts West Side in 2016 as an Island satellite project in partnership with Trinity Community Arts. In April 2018 our partnership with Trinity ended when their lease on 6 West Street and Artspace Lifespace took on the lease to keep SPACE open until April 2020.

Launching my project from SPACE Gallery for a week has given me a unique and exceptional opportunity to engage with my audience, and create a new diverse audience base in the heart of Old Market, an area of Bristol that is needs high quality artistic activity in order to balance the cultural offering that is already here. There is a sore lack of open creative spaces in Bristol, and as an artist who has committed 12 years of my life to the culture of the city, I can think of no better example of a space that deserves to be supported and thrive.

Sara Zaltash

Our vision was to create a welcoming and open to the local community space and support the creative community in Bristol with a new hub where they can showcase work and share ideas. SPACE was a bright, light white wall gallery and event space, with a large front window and is accessible for wheelchair users. As well as arts exhibitions and installations it is suitable for workshops, rehearsals and small community gatherings.

A great experience that I feel has been a launchpad for my work and has inspired me double my efforts to create more things that seem to make people smile! Good luck to you and your team and long may Space continue it’s good work.

Tim Munson

SPACE hosted free Lifespace Community Together Classes with Art Workshops. Supported by Knightstone and Artspace Lifespace, the classes have been funded by Big Lottery Awards for All.

Feeling excited and motivated to do anything these days is extremely hard for me. However from my 1st class with Alex, Rose and Kathryn…I have been back every time. I have learnt loads, experienced art materials and processes for the first time. Met others, firmed friends and thoroughly ENJOYED myself. I would love to continue with my Wednesday art class in the future and value it in my life. Thank you.

D. Mack