Freedom of Speech

Artist: Hugh Farmer

Movements, organizations and activists congregated online to support each other during Lockdown and push for change in new and creative ways, with increased collaboration and sharing initiatives, support and resources to respond to the COVID-19 crisis within the activism community at large via webinars, conferences, training tools, and crowdsourced online documents.

A crowdsourced research has documented over 140 methods of non-violent action during the pandemic, showing that people power is flourishing within this unprecedented global crisis.

We selected Bristol based artist Hugo Farmer to represent this activism, his works are based around the theme of our human rights and in particular freedom of expression.

Bristol born Hugo Farmer is an artist and sculptor and has worked as a boat builder, carpenter, sound engineer, producer and set designer.

Location: Ashton Court Mansion South Front

ActivistArt #FreedomOfSpeech #HugoFarmer

Ohm Boy, Bronze, 2019
Three bronze statues on plinths in front of Ashton Court Mansion. The Sargant is on a raised pinth pointing outwards on the left. In the middle is Ohm Boy who is kneeling with their hands raised in the air. To the left of the photo is the priest raised on a plinth with clasped hands. All three sculptures have megaphones in lieu of heads.
The Sargant, Ohm Boy, The Priest