Bristol Boo

Artist: Paige Tashner

Bristol Boo

Many people have turned to pets to offer emotional support and pet ownership has soared in Britain during coronavirus. Quarantine conditions can have several negative psychological effects, including post-traumatic stress symptoms. Play allows us to externalize our stories, where it can then be better understood and reworked therapeutically. 

The Bristol Boo Purr pod is designed to be playful, for people to interact with the sculptures, something which is often off limits in the traditional gallery space or museum setting. This playful giant cat invites participation, it lights up and purr when interacted with. 

The Artist

Paige Tashner

US based artist Paige is based is as you can imagine a huge fan of cats and play!

Location: Ashton Court Courtyard 

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Two glowing cat sculptures made from circular metal are located in the desert. One of the vats is glowing green the other blue. It is night in the desert and the metal rings from the sculptures are casting reflections on the ground. People are congregating around the sculptures.
Purrpods on the Playa at Burning Man in 2019
A photo taken of Bristol Boo sculpture during her installation in the Courtyard at Ashton Court.
Installing Bristol Boo at Ashton Court