Eastenders has the Mitchells, Bristol had the Smyths. Join us on a journey and meet the dynasty that gave us Ashton Court Mansion. Impostors, buried treasure, a lost ring and it’s even better than a soap opera because it really happened.

You’ve walked in the grounds, but how much do you know about the family who lived there for 400 years? All is revealed in this new outdoor family show 25-27 June 2021.

Seven actors play seven characters, all with remarkable stories to tell. From high born to low born, from Civil War to Second World War, from Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II and from first resident Hugh Smyth to Esme Smyth – the last. Follow the Smyths and their servants through 400 years of English – and Bristolian – history.

THE MANSION THROUGH TIME is full of family secrets, buried treasure and an impostor so notorious Charles Dickens put him in a book. This show will change your view of Ashton Court — forever.

Friday 25 June at 7pm
Saturday 26 June at 11am, 2pm or 6pm
Sunday 27 June at 11am or 2pm
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