Leah Daria Ward

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Leah Daria Ward is an Irish artist currently living and working in Bristol. Leah also works as psychotherapist and during COVID-19 lockdowns found solace in painting as her own emotional outlet. Intuitive painting is a large part of her creative process, allowing her to explore her own inner world in a safe space, without judgment; mirroring the principles she uses while working in mental health.

She has an MSc in Art Psychotherapy and retains a strong interest in the healing nature of creativity. She finds numerous parallels between the art that she creates and the work she does with her clients and her approach values the process just as much as the finished piece.

Self-taught, Leah paints abstract art that uses mainly acrylic on canvas. Her process very rarely involves traditional painting tools, as Leah prefers to experiment using unusual objects and tools from other crafts.