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Based in Bristol, England. (B.1995) I am Visual Artist who specialises in documentary photography. Producing such projects as, Lost Holiday, Treasure Island, 5ks & 8 Million Tonnes. All these bodies of work being published nationally with Treasure Island being exhibited in Port Talbot & Guangzhou, China, the project went on to be published into a limited run of books. With this, my interest in the arts space has expanded past my individual aspirations. In October of 2020, I started The Brickworks Studio in Burnham-on-sea. We set out the goal to work with young artists, to help prepare them for working as artists & provide safe space for them to create. Alongside this, I personally worked on building my understanding media sharing. Podcasts, video content and working with large media outlets such as BBC. Although I’ve done a lot in my short career, I am still developing and striving to learn new skill.