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James Crawley is a performance artist, combining drag, clown, stand up improvised comedy and immersive theatre. Mother and Artistic Director of The House of Savalon, James performs as Deity and Zeitgeist: Astro-Zenica. James looks to explore through their work the culture we exist within and what we can become as humans should we learn to cooperate, learning to love both the similarities and differences that exist within human culture and civilisation, moving beyond competition to a more cooperative way of living.

The House of Savalon is Bristol local antiseptic queer drag cabaret and party, #FeelTheBurnAndLetYourselfBeHealed. A playground from the imagination for all that is possible, The House of Savalon aims to create a radically inclusive queer space, a home for those within our community who have been marginalised to come together and explore their identity through creative play. Get Qweird is an artist residency that supports queer artists to begin this journey, while encouraging our audiences to see their own magnificence reflected back in the magnificence of the artists they see on the stage.

Through their solo work James explores their own identity and experiences as a queer person in our world. Their first sell out theatre solo, ‘A Vaccine Full of Joy’ (to be re-titled ‘Deified’ by Astro-Zenica) explored their experiences of being indoctrinated into a closed community and the lessons they learnt from these experiences. James & Astro are currently researching the post-truth culture we exist in and they are currently collaborating to write a new show, ‘Ketamine Amongst The Bed Sheets and Other Tales’ by Astro-Zenica.